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Piccadilly Creamery
Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt
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About the project

Piccadilly and Piccadilly Artisan Creamery Frozen Yogurt are two sister companies that commercialize frozen goods, one made with liquid nitrogen and the other frozen yogurt. These companies are located in Ohio, USA and needed a marketing strategy adapted to American culture, being one of the first features of the project.

In the project of developing a unique and attractive image for their clients we have created numerous materials characterized by a modern-style vintage which give the impression of sophisticated, elegant yet modern. In our collaboration we have created the following: improved logo, labels, two different websites, digital banners, interior design ideas, illustrations, posters, design t-shirts, posters, flyers, but also elements of social platforms.

All these materials have been used successfully by Piccadilly team to expand the number of locations available to them, increasing their incomes and production capacity. At the moment they are present in some of the most popular supermarkets in the United States. All this was possible through close cooperation and wise choices regarding the marketing strategy adopted long term through various communication channels.

design pentru print

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