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Design pentru print: roll-up

About the project

This company was founded in 1983 by brothers Frédéric and Serge Munoz in Grasse region, birthplace of the perfume industry. They offer French brand products which include only the best natural ingredients. In over thirty years, Frederick M expand its range of products that they offered to the public. Biowellness distributes cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry and more. Entering in the Romanian market, the French company turned to our aid to help them in promoting their organic products to our public.

To increase the market presence in our country of FREDERIC M products we made a multitude of marketing materials designs, that include: rollup sites, flyers, product photos, invitations, business cards and also presentation of products through a consistent and comprehensive catalog.

Being organic products we opted for a clean and simple style but at the same time we took into account the target audience to whom it is addressed. Based on refreshing and relaxing colors consisting of shades of green and turquoise designs created by us, illustrate very well what Biowellness Romania wanted to express the natural, calm and beauty.

This is the first step in promoting Biowellness Romania, paving the way for future events across the country.

Design pentru print: Traducere catalog
Design pentru print creat de Visual Edge

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